Remodel & Repair FAQ


Question:  How long have you been in business?

R.E. Bass Construction has been in business over 34 years and was licensed by the State of Florida to contract in 1977.


Question:  What sets you apart from other contractors? 

The company culture is unique in that we strive to be the very best people that we can be while working at your home. We have the utmost respect for your home and our whole crew will treat you kindly. Even your children and pets will enjoy having us around. We do not walk around with our shirts off. You will not hear a loud radio on our job sites. Our language is respectable. The one positive comment we hear most often is “the guys kept the site so clean and neat”. That is the ultimate compliment for us since you will most likely not want to clean up after us when you get home after a long day at work. We manage to complete our projects in a timely manner. We do it with you in mind providing unsurpassed quality and minimal disruption to your already busy life.


Question:  How do you schedule payments?

We will work out a payment schedule with you and include it in your contract so there are no surprises.


Question:  What if I want to make changes once the work has begun? 

You may make changes at any point in the project but doing so will usually increase your costs. We will provide you with change orders that outline the proposed changes in detail and provide a cost breakdown so you can see how the changes will affect the final cost and make a decision on whether to implement the changes or not. You should also be aware that, in most cases, deviations from the original project parameters will also affect the actual completion time for the project.


Question:  How much is it going to cost? (Room Additions, Remodels, New Construction)

This is always a good question. Unfortunately, it depends. Each project is unique and many conditions that can affect the price. Detailed sets of plans are essential and must be developed for proper pricing. Because, without drawings for us to quantify, we can only have an educated guess what it would cost – a rough estimate. The cost is based on materials and labor facts not guesses and you the client, not only deserves to know the final cost you should demand it.

Question:  How will remodeling affect the value of my home? 

Research shows that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will have the most profound effect on the value of your home. Depending on the scope of the remodel you may be able to increase your asking price by tens of thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell. If remodeling for the purpose of increasing the sales price of your home, you should focus on improving functionality, updating fixtures and appliances and achieving a unified look and feel. Don’t make dramatic style statements that could backfire.


Question:  Do you take on small jobs?

Yes we do. We install doors and windows. We will fix that loose screen and patch a hole in your wall. What do you need? We can handle just about any type of handyman project as well.


Question:  How long will it take to complete my remodeling job? 

Time frames vary widely depending on the scope of the remodeling project. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can take anywhere from a month to a few months. Whole house renovations can take up to six months. No matter how big or small your particular remodeling project, we will provide a written time estimate once the parameters have been established and agreed to.


Question:  What do you do to protect the house during construction?

In addition to our daily cleaning routine we protect your home from top to bottom to prevent damage from dust, debris, and weather. This includes carpet protection, hardwood floor runners, plastic dust barriers, and temporary walls to keep out dust and sound. We will do anything we can do to make your experience more pleasant.


Question:  What can I, as a homeowner, do while the project is being completed?

The most important thing you can do is ASK QUESTIONS. If there is something that doesn’t look right, or you think you ordered one thing, and something else is being installed, ASK!! A contractor wants to know if things are not right immediately. There are no dumb questions, remember, IT’S YOUR MONEY.


Question:  What if my property needs emergency repairs? 

R.E. Bass Construction will immediately perform any form of temporary measures necessary to prevent further damage. This includes but is not limited to items pertaining to floods, fires, vehicle impacts, wind or other related emergency repairs. Our contractors stand ready to serve you in the event of an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency service stands ready to handle your emergency.

Question:  What is your emergency response time?

R.E. Bass Construction is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your restoration emergency. Response time will vary based on location but our goal is to be on-site within 1 hour from notification.


Question:  I’ve had water damage to my home. What do I do now? 

Contact R.E. Bass Construction immediately so we can dispatch an Emergency Services team to begin the mitigation process. While awaiting their arrival you should:

  • Turn water off at the main valve. (Typically located next to the curb in front of your house.)
  • For minor water damages, try to remove as much excess water as possible using a Wet / Dry Vacuum.


Question:  For our new kitchen renovation, how long will we be without our kitchen?

That depends on the size of your project but normally we set up something temporary in another room to decrease the disruption to your daily agenda. Take out dinner seems to be the answer in most cases. Try to turn it into something fun and pretend you are going camping.


Question:  Do you build kitchen cabinets?

We can design and build the cabinets of your dreams with the help of our experienced kitchen designer. If you can dream it, we can build it. With hundreds of door styles and unlimited finish/color options available, we will bring your old kitchen space back to life again.


Question:  Do you work with Architects?

Yes. We have a great rapport with some of the best architects in the area. Our crews enjoy working cooperatively with architects and designers in more of a team approach. Our most successful projects are the result of this relationship. However, if you have someone in mind we are always open to meeting and working with someone new.


Question:  What color should I paint my kitchen or bedroom?

Color is a matter of personal taste. Together we can present you with many ideas that will make the colors your own.

Question:  How many jobs do you have going at once?

If you have a job that is going to take a few days or more, we work on it until it is done.  One of the things we hear the most from our clients is that they can’t believe we were on the job from start to finish. We do not leave your project until it is finished.


Question:  Do you use subcontractors? 

The use of subcontractors is a widespread practice in the construction industry. We do employ plumbers and electricians on a subcontractor basis which allows us to offer more competitive prices to our customers. All our subcontractors are expert craftsmen who work with us regularly and all work under our direct supervision.


Question:  Can I do any of the remodeling work myself to help control costs?

Depending on your abilities and physical condition you may be able to perform certain tasks yourself as a means of reducing the cost of labor. Most of these tasks will involve preparation or demolition activities such as removing fixtures or flooring. You should be aware, however, that although these tasks do not require a great deal of skill they can be time consuming and the cost savings may be outweighed by the inconvenience to you.

Question:  Who takes out the Building Permit? 

R.E. Bass Construction as your contractor will take out all the needed Building Permits from your specific local city or county. We have all the needed insurances, and licenses to get the needed permits. The average time to have the permit granted is usually about 30-40 days.

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