Thank you so much for getting the AC repaired so quickly. It’s so nice to have such a good landlord!
Melissa · Tallahassee

Thanks so much! We love our new bathroom!
David and Jaye Houle · Tallahassee 12/27/11


I wanted to say thank you again for all you did under the weatherization program at my home on December 8th and 9th of 2011. I meant to write before now but just didn’t get it done.
The job you did was fantastic!!! It was quite a feat to organize and pull together so many different companies, people and jobs. Everything went smoothly. Everyone was excellent at their task and very nice to me n the process. Even cleaning up well. I had no idea what to expect and am still very impressed with the job you did. I am so blessed to have the wonderful things provided to me and thank God everyday! I am especially thankful for the lower utility bills. Which I really did not expect to happen right away, but it showed up in that first month. The month before the work was done I used the heat ran very little that month because winter has been so mild. The meter was read 2 days before the week was done, so that timed out well.

The month right after the work was done I used 454kwh. It was chillier so the heat was on and kept the house very comfortable for me, 64degrees and since the heat strips were used for a couple of days when you were working on the unit and duct work and the house got so cold with the doors being replaced, I really expected the bill to be much higher.

The current bill was even more of a surprise. The heat ran more this billing cycle than the other 2 yet I only used 401kwh.  Amazing!

So, Yes, all the work is paying off in huge savings for me on the utility bill and I am able to keep the house more comfortable than before, 64degrees instead of 60degrees.
Looking forward to those months when no heat or A/C is needed. I estimate that my usage has gone down at least 300kwh a month, perhaps more.
So that 26yr old fridge and that 50yr old hot water heater were real energy vampires. And those old doors certainly were drafty.
Once again, thanks for all you did. I don’t see to many people but if anyone ever mentions needing a contractor I will certainly recommend you!!!

Cathy Wood

Cathy Wood · Tallahassee 2/11/12

Thank you so much for the three wonderful homes you have built for me! I hope in the very near future you will build me a small retirement type home! Look forward to having at least one more R.E. Bass Construction, Inc home…
Linda Paulette Johnson · Tallahassee 12/12/11

My experience with RE Bass Construction Inc. was very good. The workers did a good job and cleaned up very good after each job. They were polite prompt and efficient. I would recommend their services to future customers. Keep up the good work.
Debra Simmons · Tallahassee 4/14/10

Thanks for all your hard work. We are enjoying our new back porch. We appreciate you taking care of all the little details that come up.
Susan Stelzmann· Tallahassee 11/10/11

Dear Bob,

This note of thanks and wishes for a wonderful New Year are long overdue. We just wanted you to know how very much we appreciate your expertise, professionalism and integrity. Your work for us at 709 and 711 West Saint Augustine is top notch.

Thanks again,
William Leparulo · Tallahassee

Dear Bob,

Nancy and I would like you to know how much we enjoy our new retirement home that you built. Too often, modestly priced homes are constructed with less than quality materials and are void of the amenities people come to expect over the years. Not so with you guys…. You did a great job!!
Although we met only twice prior to the closing on the property, we felt you were a guy we could trust …… You did not disappoint us. You assured me of quick solutions to the pesky problems that inevitably pop up with a brand new home and sure enough we had a few. True to your word you fixed them!!
Please give your dad a pat on the back. Ernie went way out of his way to give us a helping hand. Even on things that had nothing to do with the construction of the house. He got rid of empty cartons we used to pack our belongings and even helped me mount a favorite picture on the wall.
If in the future you are negotiating with a potential buyer of one of your new homes and He/She has a question as to your quality workmanship or integrity please have him/her give Nancy or me a call. Please consider this a unsolicited testimonial.
Art Harlan · Tallahassee

Dear Mr. Bass,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the favor you did us by letting us get a check on the work on 4274 Little Osprey a little early. It was very considerate of you and a big help to us. We hope it was not too much of an inconvenience for you and your office.

Again, thank you so much.

Pat and Winnie Tallahassee

Hi Bob,

I received the new blueprints from Chris Edtter at Seminole Blueprints. Thanks so much for sending this to me. I really appreciate your willingness to help!
Denethia B. Sellers Tallahassee

Dear Mr. Bass,

Faith and I wanted to thank you for building such a lovely home. Our friends who have experience in such matters, and who can be very critical of other people’s work, were highly complimentary of the actual construction.

We enjoyed working with you and with the other workers you used in the construction process. They were all very friendly and helpful. Working with your father was also a pleasure.

We will highly recommend your services to our friends.

Warren Jones Tallahassee

Dear Bob,

Now that the dust has cleared, and the sound of hammers and nails is no longer discernible within a mile of our home, I thought I would sit down to tell you just how grateful my family and I are to you and your wonderful staff for helping to make our dream come true. So, on behalf of Laurie, Lindy, Carly and myself, I would like to say “thank you” for building the home of our dreams. I would also like to comment on the fantastic people who work for you, and how pleasant they all have been to work with.

First and foremost, I think I would have gone crazy if not for the patience and understanding of Jeff and Cathy. They are both remarkable people in how they are able to deal with all the “craziness” and still keep their and our heads above water. Every time I needed information or just a little reassurance, they were there! Anytime I just happened to drop in to get an update on the progress of the house, they were there. And every time I needed a smile or a little “laugh,” they were there!

Wes, Ed and Mike are absolutely, without question the best framers in the business. I am not an expert on matters of building and construction, but I do know quality framing when I see it, and I believe that our house was certainly built with the highest level of skill and expertise. You just need to try to get the state to “cancel” hunting season next year so that they will be even more available.

While on the topic of being the “best” I can’t look at our cabinets, bookcases, mantles, window seat, etc. without feeling a great sense of appreciation for Kevin’s artistic ability and the wonderful workmanship he and his co-workers (Steve & Jonathan) put into the wood work in our house. The patient and caring manner displayed by Kevin, not to mention his craftsmanship, is just another testimonial to the outstanding personnel you have working for you. Visitors to our home cannot say enough about our cabinets and wood work, and Kevin and the guys should certainly be commended for their outstanding work.

I also cannot say enough about Burt’s painting and Ron’s trim work! The attention both of these gentlemen paid to detail and quality was amazing, and they did this while always maintaining very personable demeanors.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you Bob, mostly for your “laid back” style, and always keeping your composure, even when I wasn’t keeping mine. You pretty much have to be a counselor, psychologist, pastor, social worker, etc., and you handled all of these roles with grace and discipline. I commend you and all of the wonderful professionals who comprise R.E. Bass Construction Company for building such an outstanding home, and I would like to once again express how grateful we all are to you for building our outstanding home!

Robert A. Rider, PH.D. Tallahassee

R.E. Bass Construction

I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism, quality work and timeliness on the remodeling job completed 8/17/10. As you know my wife and I were expecting our first child and you sacrificed your personal time to see that the job was completed before we brought the baby home. Not only did you come in on budget but ahead of schedule and we greatly appreciate it. I would highly recommend yourself and your company.

Thanks again

-James and Marie F. Tallahassee

This father and son team were polite, prompt, considerate, tidy and efficient. The work was performed and completed to my satisfaction. I was very impressed that they took the time to clean their work area, and was conscious about not leaving a mess. Thank you Robert and Dad!
Tammy A. · Tallahassee