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Owning a home is one dream that many people hold dear. This is why everyone is rushing for the best mortgage deals to turn this dream into a reality. However, the harsh reality is that it is almost impossible to be fully satisfied with a home. It won’t take a year for you to start weighing room additions or any other ways to improve your home. The ever busy schedules of interior and exterior decorators as well as remodeling contractors are adequate testament to this. Room additions are particularly a perfect way of boosting your home’s capacity. The success of such an undertaking will however very much depend on whether you adhere to the relevant rulebook.

Get The Ideal Contractor

Your home is too precious an asset to leave to inexperienced hands. Furthermore, room additions are far from the many do-it-yourself chores. The first and most important thing to do when considering a room addition is to find the right contractor. There are nearly as many contractors in the market as there are homes. However, very few of them are worth their salt. Take your time to analyze the expertise and experience of the contractors in your area. You can also check online reviews for the best online companies that do room additions. In case you don’t have the time for all this, getting a recommendation from a trusted expert or friend is always safe.

Get Enough Estimates

A room addition is not the cheapest project to undertake. You have probably taken a loan to put the task away, for this reason it is only fair that you get your estimates correctly. Two or three estimates could be enough for building a patio or any other kind or remodeling job. However, when it comes to room additions, you need to look for as many estimates as you can find. This will make more sense if you compare the averages of three estimates and eight or ten estimates for that matter. You will notice that the latter will give a lower and more reflective figure for your room additions.

Consult An Appraiser Or Realtor

Not many people think that they will one day have to leave their beautiful home. However, you never know what the future hold. It is good to consult a Realtor before starting your room additions. Even if you are not thinking of selling your home, it is very unlikely that those who inherit it will live there. This is why it is important to optimize the value a room addition will add to your home. A realtor or appraiser will always advice you on how much the resale value of the home will be boosted by the addition.

Assume You Are Building A Home

One of the biggest mistake people make when doing room additions is thinking that they are any different from building a home. You should always look at the project as building a new home as in all cases additions are just mini-homes. You need to get all the details right, beginning from the foundation to the roof. There aren’t many mistakes that draw parallels with doing a shoddy job on your room additions. This will only result in recurring repair expenses and might even compromise your current structure’s walls and foundation.

Compare Quotes Accurately

One of the trickiest things about room additions is comparing the estimates from different contractors. Refrain from the habit of falling for the attractive low prices that overlook many construction overheads. When doing room additions for your home, you need to learn how to think in terms of cost per square footage. You need to know how much each contractor is charging you for every square footage they offer. This is the only way to strike the elusive balance between cost-efficiency and value for money.


Room additions are very valuable additions to any home. With a good contractor, you can improve your homes capacity and value without altering the initial plan. However, they are also very complicated to build, and many go for them as a last resort. If you decide to try out room additions, the only way to reap their benefits is to stick to the above guidelines.


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